French Tradition. American Made.

Salchow & Sons is a traditional, full-service workshop because only a craftsman's insight can provide the best care and maintenance for your bows. Our shop is the largest of its kind, dedicated solely to the hand-made tradition of French bowmaking since 1960.

Appointments are preferred, please contact us to discuss your bow.



Sound production begins with the interaction between the bow hair and the string.  Because the hair itself is such an important component, we spend considerable time searching out hair providers and testing their product to ensure that we use only the highest quality and freshest hair.

Same-day service is available by appointment, usually with drop off before 12pm.

violin, viola, cello $80
bass $90

New Making

In 1959 William Salchow received a Fulbright Scholarship to travel to France and study the traditional style of bowmaking under Georges Barjonnet and Charles Alfred Bazin. When he returned to America in 1960, he founded Salchow & Sons and became the leading American bowmaker and teacher. Today, his grandson Isaac Salchow continues the tradition of making new bows inspired by the old masters.

Please inquire about our current inventory of modern bows.


The craftsmen at Salchows have knowledge and experience in every aspect of bow repair and restoration. Again, we choose the finest quality materials for making and repairing bows. This can mean choosing the most beautiful pernambuco and ebony, or it can mean matching the particular mother of pearl replacement eye or slide for an historically important bow. It is because we see and handle so many of the world’s finest bows, and have a legacy of bench experience with these bows in our care, that we are uniquely qualified to perform these restorations.