Step 1:  Prepare the bow
Make sure the frog is positions forward, with the bow hair is loose. If the hair does not loosen, please contact us. Roll your bow in three layers of bubble wrap.

Step 2:  Protect the bow
Secure the bow in the PVC tube.  Fill any extra space inside with bubble wrap and then tape both ends of the tube shut.

Step 3: Protect the bow again
Put the PVC tube inside of a triangular shipping tube. Fill any extra space in the shipping tube with more bubble wrap so the PVC tube is secure.

Step 4:  Secure the bow
Tape the shipping tube shut and then shake it. Make sure nothing moves on the inside of the package. If it does, open it back up and secure with more bubble wrap.

Step 5:  Insure the bow
Please make sure to have your bow insured through your instrument insurance policy. A shipping company will not fully cover the cost of your bow.