Salchow & Sons Rosin

William Salchow began making rosin in his shop nearly 50 years ago. Not much has changed in the making of our rosin since then; the recipe remains the same but the reputation has grown. We ship our rosin for violin, viola and cello around the world and take great pride in musicians enjoying what started as, and still is, a homemade product.

We sell bulk/wholesale orders direct. Contact us to inquire.
For individual purchases, please ask your local store for Salchow Rosin.

North America

Lynn Hannings
Freeport, Maine
(207) 504-4148

Brobst Violin Shop
Alexandria, VA
(703) 256-0566

Bronx, NY
(718) 292-2100

Pioneer Valley Luthier Supply Co.
Easthampton, MA
(413) 586-1800

Herrmann & Mitas

George Heinl & Co.
Toronto, Canada

The Sound Post
Toronto, Canada


Shirakawa Sogyo Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Otsuji Co.,Ltd
Osaka, Japan
+82 281 3366

Music Tomato, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Kyoichi Miyazaki

Holfter GmbH
Stolberg, Germany

Music Herrfurth
12101 Berlin , Germany

Roland Nilsson
Limhamn, Sweden
+46 40 15 98 03

The Sound Post Ltd.
Wiltshire, United Kingdom


Howard Core

Nova Strings

Shar Music

Vermont Violins

Metropolitan Music

GEWA Music