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SUMMER FRIDAY HOURS: 10am-3pm, June 9th-September 1

244 W 54th St, 12th Floor, New York, NY  10019


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Want to send a note directly, or include pictures of your bow?
Please email shop@salchowbows.com


N, Q, R @ 57 street & 7 ave
B, D, E @ 53 street & 7 ave
A, B, C, D, 1 @ Columbus Circle

Parking Garages
@ 54th street & 8 Ave
@ 54th Street & Broadway


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rehair my bow today?

Yes, usually! Bows delivered before 12pm can be serviced same-day.

Please call right away if you are in an emergency for a concert or important rehearsal tonight. If you do not need service today but would like to book an appointment, please follow the link provided.


We regularly ship and receive bows at the workshop. Please contact us before shipping and follow these guidelines to ensure safe transit.

I'm not in New York City.
How do I ship my bow?