Certificates of Authenticity

Salchow & Sons certificates are cited by dealers, relied upon by auctions and trusted by musicians.

To protect the investment of your bow, a certificate of authenticity from a well-respected expert is highly recommended. Salchow & Sons continues to be in top demand from dealers, auctions and musicians. Certificates are signed by Isaac Salchow and backed by years of bench experience and academic study. Certificates are priced according to value of the bow and include a detailed description of your bow with quality photographs.

Bows are examined and photographed in our shop. We invite you to contact us before shipping.

Insurance Letters

It's not just an instrument; it's a valuable investment. To your own benefit, it is extremely important to properly insure your bow. Salchow & Sons writes appraisals for musicians and collectors for bows with certificates by Isaac Salchow, or certificates with which we agree.

The cost for an insurance letter is $50, or can be included with the purchase of a new Salchow certificate. The cost is $25 to update an existing insurance appraisal from Salchow & Sons.

Please note: We thank you for respecting the intended use of these letters. They are issued only for personal use by owners when insuring their bows.